Tournament regulations for Brugse Meesters 2019.


(The dutch version of the tournament regulations are leading. This is a translation.)

1. The Fide rules for chess (1.07.2019) will be applied.

2. The games will be played in the tournament hall  at  School Saint-Joseph (Tabigha) Noordzandstraat 46 8000 Sint-Michiels Brugg Brugge.

3. 9 rounds, Accelerated swiss system.  (Swiss Manager)

If 2 or more players end with the same number of points in the final rankings, the following systems will be applied to decide on the place of the player in the final rankings:

  1. Result of the game(s) between the players

  2. Progressive score

  3. Bucholz

  4. Kashdan

  5. Sonneborn-Berger

4. The results of the games will be sent to the Belgian Chess Federation and FIDE for elo calculation.

5. Dates :11/8 until 15/8/2019.


  • 11.08: - round 1: 10:00

  •             - round 2: 15:00

  • 12.08: - round 3: 10:00

  •             - round 4: 15:00

  • 13.08: - round 5: 10:00

  •             - round 6: 15:00

  • 14.08: - round 7: 10:00

  •             - round 8: 15:00

  • 15.08: - round 9: 10:00

6. The players get 90 mins + 30 secs per move as from move 1.   The default time is 1 hour.


7. The closing ceremony is on  15/08/2019 at 15:30.


Prizes cannot be cumulated.


8. Bye or free round: Any player can ask for a bye or for a free round for rounds 1 and 2. The player will not be added to the pairings and the player can get  0,5 point for that round. The request must be made before the pairings of that round are made.

9. The Sofia rules will not be applied during this tournament.

10. The pairings will be made after the last game of each round. The pairings will be published on the website of the tournament.

11. Any complaint during the games will be handled by the arbiters.

Players can appeal against a decision by an arbiter. They do so by telling the chief arbiter at latest 15 minutes after the end of their game. The appeal commission will try to decide before the start of the next round.

The appeal commission will be formed at the beginning of the tournament. The members will be one organizer and three participants, preferably arbiters.

12. During the games it is forbidden to smoke in the playing hall.

13. Analyze in the tournament hall is not allowed.

14. A player can bring a mobile phone or any other mobile device into the playing hall at own risk. The device should be switched off. It is strictly forbidden to carry such a device during the game.
You can keep it in a bag next to the board, in a jacket (that is not touched during the game) or you can put it on the table.

If there is evidence that a player carries any such device during the game, the player will lose the game and the opponent wins.


If the device is not switched off during the game, the owner will get a 10 minutes penalty on the chess clock. This can result in a loss if the player does not have enough time left on the clock. The result for the opponent will be decided by the arbiter.

When a player enters the playing hall after the games have started, the player can switch off all devices before playing the first move.


15. By signing up for the tournament subjecting the player to the competition rules.


16. Chief arbiter: IA Geert Bailleul. (Bel.)

Deputy arbiters: IA Francisco Canabate (ESP), FA Philippe Blot (FRA), FA Marc Jongerius (NED), NA Artur Chowaniec (POL)